Roof Gutter Installation in Perth

Low cost, rapid gutter installation in Perth, Western Australia

All Types Of Gutter installation

If you’ve noticed that your old roof gutters just aren’t doing their job, then it might be time to consider a new roof gutter installation in Perth.

No one likes to spend their weekends cleaning out clogged, underperforming rain guttering. Leave all of your guttering services to Aus Gutters and we’ll have your old guttering removed and an entirely new gutter installed in just a day or two.

Reach out to your gutter repair and installation team today and say goodbye to those leaky old rusty gutters.

What our customers say

We were dealing with rusty old downpipes that were spraying rainwater all into the veranda for months on end. So we reached out to Aus Gutters for some advice and assistance and they had them replaced in just a day. Fantastic service and very affordable

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Sarah, Cannington

Throughout the whole process, everyone my husband and I spoke to was very friendly and answered all of our questions. After we’d chosen a material and colour we liked the most, the Aus gutters team installed the guttering in literally just a few hours.

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Jane, Balcatta

Common Installs

Some of the gutters we install

Be prepared the next time heavy rains, hail or storms hit Perth and leave your roof and gutter installs to Aus Gutters.

Heavy Duty Steels

We’re proud to offer our customers heavy-duty guttering materials that are up to 30% thicker and more durable than the competition. We make it a priority to source our house guttering materials from suppliers who are renowned for their quality. You can expect your new roof gutter installation in Perth to survive for at least two decades.

Continuous Guttering

For aesthetic purposes, we ensure every new roof gutter installation in Perth by our team is completely seamless. There are no gaps, no changes in colour or material and symmetrical screws and rivets are used to safeguard your home’s facade from looking mismatched or off-style. Another side effect of this is low or no waste from our installs, there’s nothing left over and little cleanup.

Efficient and Reliable Installs

Our customer’s time is so important to us, and because of this, we make it our main priority to complete our fantastic gutter repairs and installations in less than two weeks. From our initial consultation and site assessment to the finalisation of your install, you can only expect to wait two weeks at max.

Additional FAQs

Why do I need new gutters?

As you may already know, without guttering, your yard and the surrounds of your home are susceptible to wash out when it rains. Over time your grass and backyard will begin to erode away, as will any concrete footpaths below your roof – due to high-pressure water runoff. The lack of a gutter also makes it harder to leave your home when it’s raining as there’s water gushing directly off the roof waiting to land on your head.

Additionally, in some Perth suburbs, you may be legislatively required to install roof guttering in order to become compliant with local building codes and suburban regulations.

Are you able to repair old sections of my gutter and also install new sections?

If you’re not concerned about style continuity, our team is able to remove damaged or irreparable guttering, repair existing guttering and also install new guttering all as part of the same project. Essentially, all repairable guttering will remain on your roof, whereas any sections that need to be removed will be replaced with entirely new guttering.

What if I have a higher roof or double story home?

As we will have visited your site previously, or seen photographs, we will make sure to bring all of the required equipment to reach higher guttering. Each one of our teams will be required to wear an OH&S compliant harness when necessary.

How long will repaired gutters generally last?

With correct maintenance and use, you can expect gutter leak repairs to last up to two decades, though weather and accidental damage play a part here. If you have a copper guttering system you can expect this to last anywhere up to 50 years.


Our suggestion here is to consider replacing your guttering entirely if there are a number of holes, cracks or gutter leaks, rather than just fascia or roof adherence issues.

Do you tidy up?

Of course. Following any of our roof gutter installations in Perth, we make it a top priority to tidy up all debris big and small so that there’s no chance of pets, children or yourself stepping on them in the yard.