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Rapid Gutter Repairs

If you’re tired of constant leaks, creaks and noises coming from the roof and are in dire need of gutter repair services in Perth, then Aus Gutters have you covered.

It’s common for most homeowners to overlook their gutters because of frustration but over time, damaged gutters can lead to roof damage the even affects the inside of your home.

Be prepared the next time heavy rains, hail or storms hit Perth and leave your roof and gutter repairs to Aus Gutters.




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We were dealing with rusty old downpipes that were spraying rainwater all into the veranda for months on end. So we reached out to Aus Gutters for some advice and assistance and they had them replaced in just a day. Fantastic service and very affordable

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Sarah, Cannington

Throughout the whole process, everyone my husband and I spoke to was very friendly and answered all of our questions. After we’d chosen a material and colour we liked the most, the Aus gutters team installed the guttering in literally just a few hours.

5 Star Rview for Appliance Repair specialists in Perth

Jane, Balcatta

Common Problems

Some of the gutter problems we fix

Be prepared the next time heavy rains, hail or storms hit Perth and leave your roof and gutter repairs to Aus Gutters.

Leak Repairs

In most cases, a leaky gutter isn’t repairable simply because rust and erosion have ruined the metal sheets. However, if you or the kids have accidentally punctured or cracked a metal or plastic gutter with toys, brooms or anything else, then we’ll be able to quickly inspect and use silicon or another sealant to fill the holes.  

Gutter, Downpipe and Fascia Repair

As our team has worked with just about all things related to guttering and roofing, we’re more than equipped to repair or replace gutters, unclog downpipes and even leaf guards or reattach fascias that may have come loose. To make this process effortless, one of our repairmen will take a quick look over your site, order the materials – if needed – and begin repairs within a day or so.

Roof Repairs

For homeowners with more on the agenda, we’re able to move from gutter repairs in Perth to more complex repairs afterward. If you’re noticing leaks in the roof and need an expert team of roof repairers, we’re more than ready to help out. Whether you’re in need of new bedding, replaced roof tiles or holes filled in with sealant, we’ll let you know on the spot and provide a quote.

Additional FAQs

Do I need gutters?

As guttering is a rather important part of the home that prevents erosion around the foundation of your house, it’s a good idea to keep your guttering and have it repaired. Depending on the suburb you live in, guttering may be a requirement to have your home compliant with regulation and building codes.


The lack of a rain gutter won’t have any impact on your roofing, however, water damage may become a factor over time.

Are gutter replacements expensive?

This will depend on the size of your home, however, guttering isn’t generally too expensive. You can expect repairs to cost just a few hundred dollars, whereas a complete replacement of all rain guttering around your home could cost somewhere between $600 and $3,000. This will also depend on whether you choose plastic down piping or metal variants.

What replacement gutter material is best for me?

You will have to consider your budget, style preference and location. As Perth is a seaside city with rather saline air, we would suggest opting for aluminium or sometimes copper depending on the style of your home. The Aus Gutters team always suggest the best materials once we’re on site, which means asking the team for some help will ensure you have the best opinions.

How long will repaired gutters generally last?

With correct maintenance and use, you can expect gutter leak repairs to last up to two decades, though weather and accidental damage play a part here. If you have a copper guttering system you can expect this to last anywhere up to 50 years.


Our suggestion here is to consider replacing your guttering entirely if there are a number of holes, cracks or gutter leaks, rather than just fascia or roof adherence issues.

How to determine gutter replacement or gutter repair in Perth?

If you’re stuck between choosing a gutter repair in Perth or a replacement, it’s always best to speak with a professional as you wouldn’t want to repair a rain gutter that is only going to fall apart in the near future.