About Us

Aus Gutters is a Western Australian Company

Our story

In the short time since Aus Gutters launched in Perth, we have fast become one of the city’s most reputable roofing experts. With a wide network of happy residential and commercial clients continually referring us to their friends, family and business partners, we’re happy to say that our commitment to quality, reliability and longevity has paid off.

After noticing so many Perth residents in need of a professional guttering company, we made it our priority to create a service list that met all of their needs. Whether gutter replacements, repairs or installation were part of our customer’s needs, or even leak repairs, we made it our goal to please just about everyone.

Now that we’ve happily serviced the people of Perth for what seems like forever, we’re now pleased to say that our roofing services have extended to just about everything imaginable. If commercial or residential customers require anything from a new gutter, a roof valley replacement or even roof bedding replacement, we have their back.

We even provide ongoing cleanup and maintenance services to make sure that our solidly installed guttering stays looking flawless for decades to come.

What We Do

On a daily basis, our professional roof plumbers and repair teams visit our client’s homes and places of business to assess their roofing needs. Whether they require guttering for the first time or just a repair, we have everything needed to offer the best solution – sometimes right there and then.

With thorough planning, material sourcing and a qualified team of contractors working on your roof’s repairs, you can rest assured that everything is going to go to plan. We never miss a deadline, always stay true to our quoted prices and will regularly tidy up.

A few of our most popular roofing services in Perth include:

Gutter Repair, Replacement and Installation
Roof Bedding Repair or Replacement
Roof Valley Repair or Replacement
Gutterguard Installation
Gutter Cleaning
Downpipe Replacement or Installation

As you can see, we work hard to do everything we can to keep our customer’s roofs leak free, stylish and up to code.

Quality Assurance

The use of quality materials is an integral part of everything we do. If you’ve reached out to the Aus Gutters team for gutter repair, gutter guards in Perth or roof gutter installation, you deserve to have these new additions stand the test of time.

We install everything with the utmost care and attention to make certain that anything replaced or reattached to your roof is done in a way that’s secure and not able to break free. We also guarantee the durability of all of our jobs with the use of both Colorbond steel or high-quality aluminium and copper variants.

This way all of our customers can be absolutely certain that rust, heavy rainfall and even hail storms are no match for their new guttering or roof repairs.

At the end of the day, our customers always come first. In every project we undertake, our biggest priority is offering an outstanding service that leaves our customer’s homes free of leaks and with a more manageable rainwater runoff solution.

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